High-quality Development of Licheng, Jinan

 As a millennium-old city and a decade of transformation, Licheng District of Jinan has anchored itself to "go ahead and open up a new situation", comprehensively seizing the major strategic opportunities of ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin, and meeting the requirements to "raise the benchmark and challenge the beam bravely", adhere to the first priority of development, and continue to leap forward in comprehensive strength, transforming from "former suburbs" to "powerful areas". The footprints of transformation are deeply imprinted on this "report card" of development.

 The regional GDP increased from 63.4 billion yuan to 116.6 billion yuan, leaping over five 10 billion hurdles in a row, and ranking among the top 10 counties in the provincial economy from 30th place; Local public budget revenue increased from 2.8 billion yuan to 12.4 billion yuan, quadrupling in ten years, breaking through the 10 billion mark for three consecutive years, and the total amount jumped to the fifth place in the Shandong province; The average annual growth rate of fixed asset investment exceeded 20%, with a total of 637 billion yuan, ranking first in the city; The permanent population increased by 41% to 1.13 million. Licheng District has been selected as one of the "Top 100 Counties in China's Comprehensive Strength" for eight consecutive years. In 2021, Licheng District was successfully listed as the "Advanced District for High-Quality Development of County Economy in Shandong Province".

Over the past ten years, Licheng District has stepped forward on the road of high-quality leapfrog development intending to promote the industry, benefit people's livelihood, and fight against epidemics.

 Cohesion to promote transformation and upgrading

Improve the quality and efficiency of industrial development

People who are good at giving advice go far, and people who do things down-to-earth can achieve great things. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Licheng District has actively implemented the new development concept, continued to promote the transformation of new and old drivers, and accelerated the construction of a modern industrial system to support high-quality development. The economic and social development of the whole district has achieved remarkable results. It has been rated as one of the top 100 districts with national comprehensive strength for many years in succession and has been rated as the province's advanced district for high-quality development of the county economy, and the advanced district for growth drivers transformation.

Remarkable achievements have been made in kinetic energy conversion. Licheng District firmly won the battle for the relocation and transformation of the old industrial zone in the east, comprehensively shut down 87 high energy-consuming enterprises such as Jigang, and reduced the energy consumption intensity per unit GDP by 77%, making the primary contribution to the city's energy conservation and carbon reduction task.

 Industrial structure optimization and upgrading. We have successfully introduced several high-end industrial projects such as The National Supercomputer Center in Jinan, Hikvision, Inspur IBM, and Rongchuang Cultural Tourism City, built and launched several major carrier platforms such as the Aerospace Information Research Institute, Qilu Pharmaceutical Preparation Park, and Lugang Building, and the leading industries such as digital economy, biomedicine, trade logistics, and emerging service industries have developed rapidly and taken shape. In the past ten years, 228 provincial and municipal key projects have been implemented, 257.77 billion yuan of investment has been completed, the proportion of high-tech enterprises' output value has risen significantly from 12.3% to 67.4%, the proportion of "four new" economic added value has exceeded 33%, the three industrial structures have been optimized and adjusted from 5.6:45.8:48.6 to 2:26.6:71.4, and the proportion of modern service industry has reached 49%.

 Scientific and technological innovation enables development. Shandong National Applied Mathematics Center, Shandong Institute of Higher Technology, and Jinan Intellectual Property Service Cluster have successfully settled down. The total number of various talents has exceeded 220000. It has successively won the provincial "Advanced Zone for Technology Transfer" and the provincial "Advanced Zone for Talent Work", and has been selected into the national "Top 100 Counties in Science and Technology Innovation". In recent years, Licheng District has witnessed rapid growth in investment in technological transformation, with an increase of 224.9% from January to July this year, ranking first in the city.

 Today's Licheng District, with better economic quality and stronger innovation vitality, is gathering momentum with unlimited potential, vigorous vitality, and sufficient kinetic energy. Next, Licheng District will focus on the four leading industries to further improve economic quality and efficiency; Establish the concept of "project is king" and further enhance the development potential; Deepen the reform of  “optimize the business environment” to further stimulate market vitality.

Focus on improving city quality

Urban and rural areas are changing with each passing day

 In the east of Licheng district, tower cranes are frequently waved, and the supercomputing digital economic ecological innovation circle has become a trend; In the northeast, the sea rail intermodal train started slowly in the sound of the siren, "air, rail, highway, water, and four ports converge", high-end logistics business cluster is closely arranged, and regional comprehensive trade hubs are fully developed; Looking back to the century-old Honglou area, traditional culture and cutting-edge fashion collide to create the unique charm of the city.

 In the past decade, Licheng District has "broken the cocoon" from the former suburbs, and the urban area has increased significantly. Tangye, Huashan, East Railway Station, Caigang, Guodong, and other areas have changed their old look, 112 old villages have been renovated, 103000 mu of land has been supplied, the urbanization rate has increased from 62.4% to 84.8%, and the development space has been expanded by leaps and bounds.

 The service facilities are improving day by day. The pozidriv type layout of the high-speed railway is connected to the network in Licheng. Jinan East Railway Station is connected to the provincial capital economic circle. Rail transit has realized transfer operation, and a modern three-dimensional transportation system has been fully established. Coordinated development across the region.

 The "East Power" has made great efforts to build new port economic development zones, and the construction of a super digital economic ecological innovation circle, Jinan International Trade Center, Jinan International Dry Port, and other areas is in full swing; The breakthrough of “excellence center area " has been accelerated. The "Quanfu River Characteristic Landscape Belt" has been launched. Shanda Science and Technology Innovation City and the headquarters base of mass entrepreneurship and innovation have "become a new generation". InCity, Zhonghai Huanyu City, Deyun Cultural Plaza, and other urban complexes have been settled in succession.

In today's Licheng, the old city and the new area develop in harmony and go hand in hand. History and modernity complement each other and complement each other. It has become a charming city of "people who are near are happy, and people who are far away are coming".

 Deeply implement reform and open up

Full power and vitality

 In the past ten years, the key reforms in Licheng District have been continuously tackled. We took the lead in completing the reform of the system and mechanism of the Economic Development Zone in the city, improving the street financial system that unifies administrative power and financial power, and promoting the integration and reorganization of more than 10 district-owned state-owned enterprises into three major state-owned enterprise development platforms, namely, holding, urban development, and financial control, to effectively maintain and increase the value of state-owned capital.

 The business environment was continuously optimized. Comprehensively build a four-level government service system, take the lead in implementing "one window acceptance and integrated handling" in the province, and the first 24-hour online assistant center in the province has been built and launched. The number of market entities has increased "blowout", with the total number exceeding 220000 households, an increase of more than 5 times in 10 years, and ranking No. 1 in the city for consecutive years.

 Opening up accelerated. We took the lead in putting forward the concept of "global free trade" in the province and completed 60 institutional innovation tasks in the pilot free trade zone with high quality. Give full play to the regional advantages of "air, rail, highway, water, and four ports meet", build an international land port in Jinan with high standards, build Dongjia Freight Center and put it into operation, realize the normal operation of Eurasian trains and sea bound trains, and rank the first in the city in terms of the total number of contracts signed for the Expo for three consecutive years.

Today, taking advantage of the national strategy, the Licheng district is accelerating to become a new highland of reform and a new frontier of opening up.

 In today's Licheng district, strategic opportunities converge, resource elements converge unprecedentedly, development space is expanded comprehensively, land and sea linkage is unimpeded and efficient, leading industries have a rapid momentum, science and innovation vitality are fully unleashed, old cities and new areas are coordinated, urban and rural development is mutually promoted, the landscape ecology is full of charm, and the cadres and the masses are united and harmonious. Licheng's GDP has broken through the 100 billion mark, its financial revenue has broken through the 10 billion mark, and its permanent population has reached one million. The foundation for high-quality development is more solid and confidence is stronger.

Reviewing the glorious years and taking the lead in starting a new journey. On the new journey, Licheng District will continue to hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, firmly defend the "two establishments”, firmly achieve the "two maintenance", the base itself on the new stage of development, fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development concept, actively serve and integrate into the new development pattern, and strive to write a new chapter in the construction of the provincial capital as a strong socialist modernization area.

 (Lou Xinyu; Li Xiaotong; Hou Yawen)